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HBCC #3187 – 1799 Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3187 – 1799 Eagle – Reverse
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1799 Eagle


This is a very rare variety, with this example one of only about 15 known. Harry Bass acquired two different examples during his numismatic pursuits. This example is quite possibly the single finest survivor from this die marriage. The eagle coinage of 1799 includes ten die varieties from a combination of six obverse and six reverse dies. Based on die state evidence, these varieties are presented in their emission sequence representing the order minted.

From Stack's sale of a portion of the Massachusetts Historical Society Collection, October 1970, Lot 826.
"Obverse: Small stars, close date, numerals spaced 17 9 9. Top serif of 1 very close to hair. Star 8 presents two points to cap, equidistant. Stars 2, 3, 4 double cut. Crack stars 5, 6, 7, thru 8 to edge. Another, now heavy, edge thru top and top right points of star 8, along rear edge of cap. Another, downward from star 7 to cap's scarf at left. Erratic, rust-like crack in field above cap thru midpoint of L, towards I. Another, edge to top of I, thru BERTY and stars 9, 10, 11. Also branching from E to edge. Cracks now heavier with die crumbling more in evidence. Still no crack from star 13 to edge (see above)! Rust lump above top serif of B. Star 9 touches Y. Die crumbling in denticles beneath 1 and beneath star 1. Reverse: Very small berries (distinctive). Short spine (not a crack) at tip of third feather of left wing (distinctive). Rust lumps to left of, and within, U; under (I)T (distinctive)."