Application Guidelines and FAQ

New Online Application Process

The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation is pleased to announce that we have launched a new online grantmaking portal. Grant seekers must use this portal to submit completed grant applications, including all required attachments. We do not accept hard-copy submissions or email submissions.

The Foundation requests that nonprofits review the following Application Guidelines prior to beginning the online application process. Those interested in submitting a grant request to The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation must first create an account through our online grantmaking portal. After an account has been created, you will be guided through the process wherein you will be asked to submit all required information necessary for grant consideration.

To access the online application process, click here.

Who We Give Grants To

  • Grant requests are primarily considered in the areas of Youth and Education. Occasionally, we might consider grant requests in other areas.
  • Under the terms of its charter, The Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or nonprofit 501(c)(3) endeavors. But, due to our Board of Trustees’ focus on Youth & Education, we rarely provide funding to public entities or churches.
  • We prefer to provide funding for specific programs or capital projects, while less often, for general operating support. Endowment gifts are rare.
  • Yes. In general the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation does not make grants to construct churches or seminaries; to underwrite fundraising events, professional conferences, symposia, out-of-state performances or competition expenses; or toward general sustentation drives.
  • Unsolicited grant requests are restricted to organizations based in the Greater Dallas area. On very rare occasions, we consider funding organizations outside of the Greater Dallas area but prior approval from the Foundation is required before submitting a request.

Preparing an Application

    • A copy of the determination letter from the IRS showing it is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) and dated within the last five years.
    • History of the organization and its work
    • A concise description of the proposed program
    • The specific request to the Foundation and date payment is needed
    • A list of all entities asked to give financial support to the proposed project (including their responses to date and dollar amount committed)
    • A project budget with both income and expenses, as well as plans to support the project after the grant period
    • Specific plans to evaluate the project to determine effectiveness and impact of grant funds
    • A list of trustees or directors and corporate officers
    • The organization’s most recent full year financial statements
    • The latest Form 990 filed with the IRS
  • We do not hold an in-person meeting prior to a grant application submission. After receiving a proposal, we will contact you to schedule a meeting, if necessary.

Submitting an Application

Application Consideration Process

If My Grant Request is Approved

You will receive a letter from The Foundation informing you that your request was approved. The letter will include a Grant Contract that must be executed by the Grantee and returned to The Foundation prior to remission of the grant award.

As stipulated in the Grant Contract, a final evaluative report (guidelines included with the approval letter and grant contract) detailing the accomplishments/effectiveness of the grant at the end of the project is required.

If My Grant Request is Declined

  • All applicants receive written communication regarding the final disposition of their proposal, usually within 3 to 4 months.
  • A number of factors determine if a request is declined. Most frequently, it is simply because we are unable to fund every worthwhile request that we receive. The Grant Review Committee looks for programs and projects that best meet the areas of interest outlined in the “Who We Give Grants To” section of the Application Guidelines.