Application Guidelines and FAQ

Application Process

The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation only accepts Letters of Inquiry (LOI) and Grant Applications through its online grantmaking portal. Grant seekers must use this portal to submit an LOI first. If the LOI elicits sufficient interest, you will be invited to submit a full application, including all required attachments. We do not accept hard-copy or email submissions.

The Foundation requests that nonprofits review the Application Guidelines and FAQ prior to beginning the online application process to see if the needs of your organization fit within the parameters and mission of the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation.  If questions remain or clarification is needed, please have a representative of your organization contact the Foundation before submitting an application to determine whether a submission is advisable.

Before submitting an LOI (and, if warranted, a grant application), prospective grantees must first create an account through our online grantmaking portal. After an account has been created, you will be guided through the process wherein you will be asked to submit all required information necessary for grant consideration.

To access the new online application process, click here.

Who Do We Consider Funding

  • Grant requests are primarily considered in the areas of Youth and Education, and specifically for early childhood literacy (ages 0-8). Occasionally, our board might consider grant requests in other areas.
  • Under the terms of its charter, The Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities, churches or nonprofit 501(c)(3) endeavors. But, due to our Board of Trustees’ focus on Early Childhood Education, we rarely provide funding to public entities or churches.

    The following organizations are Not Eligible:

    • Private Foundations (Operating and Non-Operating)
    • Foreign Organizations
    • Individuals
    • Disqualified Supporting Organizations
    • 509(a)(3) Type III – Non-functionally Integrated
  • We prefer to provide funding for specific programs, while less often for capital projects or general operating support. Endowment gifts are rare.
  • Yes. In general the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation does not make grants to construct churches or seminaries, or for underwriting including  fundraising events, professional conferences, symposia, out-of-state performances or competition expenses.
  • Unsolicited grant requests are restricted to organizations based in the Greater Dallas area (Dallas County). Occasionally we consider funding organizations outside the Greater Dallas area but prior approval from the Foundation is highly recommended before submitting a request.

Preparing an Application

    • A copy of the determination letter from the IRS showing it is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) dated within the last five years (non-compliance with this requirement will result in the rejection of your LOI and/or grant application).
    • History of the organization and its work
    • A concise description of the proposed program
    • The specific request to the Foundation for which you are seeking support, including all relevant information that will help us understand exactly for what purpose you are seeking support so that we may make an informed decision about your grant request.
    • A list of all entities asked to give financial support to the proposed project (including their responses to date and dollar amount committed)
    • A project budget with both income and expenses, as well as plans to support the project after the grant period
    • Specific plans to evaluate the project to determine effectiveness and impact of grant funds
    • A list of trustees or directors and corporate officers
    • The organization’s most recent full year financial statements (preferably audited)
    • The latest Form 990 filed with the IRS (If you file 990-EZ, your financial statements must clearly and concisely detail your annual expenses broken down into three categories: Program, Management & General, and Fundraising)
    1. You will first need to obtain a user account with Foundant GLM so that you may apply with our foundation.
    2. A Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is the first step in the application process wherein you will need to answer some questions and upload several required attachments.
    3. If you pass the LOI stage you will be permitted to to submit a full grant application.
  • We do not hold an in-person meeting prior to a grant application submission. After receiving a full application, WE will contact you to schedule a meeting, if necessary.

Submitting an Application

  • The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation accepts grant requests solely through its online grant application portal and does not accept hard copy or email submissions.
  • The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation accepts grant proposals at any time throughout the year. However, it is a good idea to submit your proposal at least five months before the funding is needed. Grant applications are only considered by our Board of Trustees at one of the three Trustee Meetings held annually, usually (1) late spring summer; (2) late summer; and, (3) end of November – beginning of December.
  • Each organization is limited to one application within a twelve-month period.

Application Consideration Process

If My Grant Request is Approved

You will receive notification from The Foundation informing you that your request was approved. The notification will include a Grant Contract that must be executed by the Grantee prior to remission of the grant award.

As stipulated in the Grant Contract, a Final Evaluative Report (FER) detailing the accomplishments/effectiveness of the grant is required at the end of the project. Guidelines for the FER will be included with the notification. Non-compliance with this requirement will result in the rejection of any future grant request submissions. Additionally, a 12-month moratorium on grant application submissions from your organization will be imposed AFTER the delinquent FER is finally received by the Foundation.

If My Grant Request is Declined

  • All applicants receive written or email communication regarding the final disposition of their proposal, usually within 3 to 4 months.
  • A number of factors determine if a request is declined. Most frequently it is because your request falls outside our current scope for grantmaking or, more generally, because we are unable to fund every request that we receive. The Grant Review Committee looks for programs and projects that best meet the areas of interest outlined in the “Who We Give Grants To” section of the Application Guidelines. Generally, the Foundation’s Board does not apprise staff of their rationale for declining a request.