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Beginning in the 1960s, Mr. Bass avidly pursued his love for numismatics, collecting several thousand U.S. coins and carefully constructing one of the best collections in the history of U.S. numismatics. While many series came under his careful eye, it was the field of United States gold coins that interested him the most.

Following his death in 1998, the Foundation chose the best of the best – premier examples of coins and patterns, including some unique items that are not to be found anywhere else – for this permanent collection, and the rest were put up for sale.

The Harry Bass Core Collection emphasizes the early era of the gold series, 1795-1834, and includes many later pieces as well. Descriptions of each coin’s salient features (and in many instances, numismatic and historical significance) are provided by noted numismatists and historians. Photographs by Douglas Plasencia.

In 2022, the Trustees of the Foundation approved the sale of the Coin Collection to be conducted in four (4) auctions. Heritage Auctions of Dallas, Texas was selected as the auctioneer. The final auction concluded in August 2023.