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HBCC #3089 – 1804 Half Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3089 – 1804 Half Eagle – Reverse
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1804 Half Eagle


This die marriage was not listed by Walter Breen in his 1966 monograph; however, he alluded to its existence in his New Varieties monograph, noting that it is A-3 when the obverse is not cracked, or A-4 when it is with a crack from the L through the cap and curls to the 8, but not to the rim just right of the 4.. The later states show also a crack from the border to the 10 th star, then mouth and hair to the first crack; and the drapery to the border to the right of the 4. Although far from common, this may not be the major rarity that it is sometimes claimed. Breen’s description came from Edgar Adams’ earlier notes of Adams-3 and Adams-4.

From Stack's sale of the Ellis Robison Collection, February 1979, Lot 335.
"Obverse: Medium pointed top 4, not repunched. Top touches bust edge, which has unusual outlining along its edge. Perfect 1 has top serif touching lowest curl. 8 is repunched over another 8, not the usually seen large 8. Clear lower loop at bottom, partial loop at top left. Fatal bisecting crack: crack from denticles to right of 4, running thru head to bottom left serif of L, then to field and edge. Crack from edge thru star 10 toward chin. Others. Clashed. Probably the so-called 'Rusted Obverse', later used for non-mint off-metal restrikes (silver & copper). Only one known of this obverse! Reverse: That of 1803C, with crack: edge - (M)E - top leaf - feathers - shield - left shield point - right wing - edge. (I)T repunched left (with broken T punch having no lower right serif) over thinner T punch. Clashed. SEE Breen Supplement."