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HBCC #3111 – 1808/7 Half Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3111 – 1808/7 Half Eagle – Reverse
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1808/7 Half Eagle


The Bass Collection includes three overdate examples from two different die marriages. This example and the next, HBCC-3112, are both examples of the variety described by Walter Breen as having a wide overdate. The variety is considered quite rare and has a bisecting die crack from the rim at 1:00 through the bust and past the right side of the first digit 8. On this overdate obverse, the upright and crossbar of the previous 7 are visible within the top loop of the 8.

From Abe Kosoff's 1966 ANA Sale, August 1966, Lot 1980.
"Obverse: 8 over 7. Numerals widely spaced. 1 is centered over a denticle. Top of 1 even with that of 8. At top left of final 8, top left of a 7 is quite visible. Base of a 7 is quite visible abutting the lower left curve of 8. Upright of 7 visible within top loop of 8. Very small die center punch lump on jaw in front of hair curl. Very short denticles. Bisecting crack from edge at 1 o'clock thru cap, thru T, hair, drapery clasp, touching right edge of first 8, to edge. This crack branches to left just within top of cap, continuing thru top of cap, emerging at top front of cap. Diagonal crack from edge thru bottom edge of drapery, thru right points of star 1, into field past star 2, into star 3, then thru stars 3-7 to edge, and also from star 7 to top front of headband. Rare obverse. Reverse: That of 1807Y(b), now lapped. 5D close. D apart from wing. U near leaf. 5 near leaf. Prior clash visible within shield."