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HBCC #3119 – 1810 Half Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3119 – 1810 Half Eagle – Reverse
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1810 Half Eagle


This is an extremely rare variety with only a small number of survivors. Walter Breen estimated fewer than eight examples known, with this estimate probably being quite accurate. Like the Large Date, Small 5 variety at HBCC-3118, Harry Bass acquired two different examples of this variety. Harry Bass was the successful bidder on a complete four coin major variety set of 1810 half eagles. This example is from that set purchased at Auction ’80.

From Paramount's session of Auction '80, August 1980, Lot 923. This lot was a four coin set including examples of each major 1810 variety. Previously from George Gozan.
"Obverse: Small Date. First 1 centered over space between two denticles, top markedly higher than that of 8. 8 slightly right of being centered over space between two denticles. 0 centered over space between two denticles. Die not rusted. Crack from edge thru first 1, thru clasp and hair, touching right top serif of Y, thru cap to edge at 2 o'clock. Also, a faint crack from bust into field above 18. Crack from denticle to lower front edge of drapery, then to top left serif of 1; thru upper portions of 810. Crack from edge thru star 9 to cap. Hairline cracks join stars 5-7, and 8-10. A later Die State than this has cracks from edge thru star three, field, nose, cheek, hair above ear; from edge, star 12, hair. THIS OBVERSE DIFFERENT FROM THAT Small Date OBVERSE USED WITH THE Tall 5 REVERSE. Reverse: Small 5, its top right point beneath lowest tip of feather above. Faint crack edge - along side of last leaf - claw. Light crack UNITED - leaves - 5 D - AMERICA. Large triangular rust lump in field to left of topmost leaf point, beneath right upright of U(NI). Four coin set of $5 1810 previously owned by George Gozan, who helped HWBJR a great deal."