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HBCC #3126 – 1813 Half Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3126 – 1813 Half Eagle – Reverse
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1813 Half Eagle


This is the second variety of 1813 half eagle, with a different reverse die than that displayed at HBCC-3125. A quick attribution point is the position of the first S in STATES, in relation to the E directly below. On this reverse, the lower left serif of S is over the upright of E. On the other variety, HBCC-3125, the same serif is over the center of E. This variety was first described by Edgar Adams; however, it was unlocated when Walter Breen prepared his 1966 monograph. Later, in his New Varieties monograph, Breen credited Harry Bass with relocating this other variety.

From Quality Sales Corporation's sale of the John A. Beck Collection, Part I, January 1975, Lot 393.
"Obverse: New Design. No drapery. Die center punch lump between curl and ear. Wide date. S(T) over E and space right. Further lapped. Lump at star 2, lowest point, now faint. Clash within LIBERTY less evident. Die rust patches between stars 3 and 4; between cap and star 12. Crack diagonally from bust tip to edge. Reverse: Modified devices; motto letters tall, shield more nearly symmetrical, right wing bone more angulated than that of 1812. No tongue. S(T) a bit right of being centered over E. D markedly double punched. Period high relative to D. Crack base of D thru period, continuing thru tops of MERICA. Clash in shield. Rediscovery of Adams 1 reverse; reused in 1814 and 1815. Far less frequently seen than is reverse A."