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HBCC #3162 – 1833 Half Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3162 – 1833 Half Eagle – Reverse
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1833 Half Eagle


Three varieties of 1833 half eagles are known from a mintage of 193,620 coins. Mintages of half eagles were larger during this period in the 1830’s, due primarily to quantities of gold shipped to the Philadelphia Mint from North Carolina and Georgia. This example has a small date on the obverse and period close to 5D on the reverse. In his Complete Encyclopedia, Walter Breen described this as a “reported variety” and suggested it may be unique.

Purchased from Numismatics, Ltd., June 9, 1973.
"Obverse: Closely spaced date. Small stars. Short normal 1, its top barely above that of 8. Belted 8. Different punch for 3s, its center point being normal. Other than for the 1, these punches are of the same height as those used for Obverse 1. Star 1 only its own diameter away from bust. Lowest hair curl is short and open in its center - possibly due to lapping, but more likely as a result of the Head device having been shallowly sunk into the die stock. Lapped. Reverse: Small 5 and D - top of 5 concave. 5 is unusually distant from leaves, being immediately beneath feathers. D distant from 5, being beneath branch end. Small oblate period is close to D. Rear talon beneath top leaves pair but a speck. Obscure die center punch lump in shield. I beneath space between T and E. Arrow tip beneath space between I and C. Crack thru OF - wing tip - AM. Clash evidence in motto. Lapped. No other usage known."