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HBCC #3175 – 1797 Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3175 – 1797 Eagle – Reverse
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1797 Eagle


This is among the very first examples of this die marriage minted, and is the only known example with perfect obverse die. Virtually the entire mintage of 1797 eagles, of all varieties, occurred in the second quarter of the year. This obverse has a highly unusual layout with just four stars right and 12 squeezed together along the left border. An estimated population for this variety approaches 50 coins. Two examples from this total are displayed as part of the Bass Collection, both choice AU examples. The other example is number 3176.

From RARCOA's session of Auction '81, July 1981, Lot 455.
"Obverse: No obverse crack at 4:30! Stars 12+4. Two points of star 1 touch 1. 1 punched twice, apparently at different times and with different sizes of 1 punch. Right lower point of star is overlain by the short bottom left serif of the smaller 1, which was more deeply punched than was the larger 1 (the smaller 1 appears to be on top of the larger 1). Further, the tip of the top right star point appears overlain by the 1's upright! Profuse rust lumps. Center punch in hair to left of ear lobe. No die cracks! Reverse: That of 1796A, small eagle. Eleven fronds on branch. Die center punch lump on breast at junction with left wing. Tip of palm branch points to right serif of left foot of A. A short die imperfection extends from below branch end. Linear rust lump in field below tip of third frond from right. Lightly clashed, visible in wreath below TES, above and below left wing. Lightly lapped."