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HBCC #3184 – 1799 Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3184 – 1799 Eagle – Reverse
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1799 Eagle


This example is from the Shuford Collection sold by Abe Kosoff in 1968. It represents one of Harry Bass’s first purchases among early ten-dollar gold coins. Among coins of this die marriage, the Bass coin is one of the finest known, with only about eight to ten examples surviving in all grades. Although Harry Bass collected a wide range of gold coins, studying and appreciating varieties of all issues from the 18th and 19th centuries, his most serious area of interest were varieties of early gold coins from 1795 to 1834.

From Abe Kosoff's sale of the Alex Shuford Collection, May 1968, Lot 2158.
"Obverse: Small stars, wide date, numerals spaced 1 7 9 9. Star 1 presents two points to hair, equidistant. Star 8 removed from cap. Point of star 9 close to serif of Y. T repunched at base. Crack edge - left of B to its lower serif - field. Rust lump to right of midpoint of R. Reverse: Berry centered under A. Leaf point touches I at center of base. A(M) clear of left wing feathers (distinctive). Rust lump between UN, top opening of N. Crack MERI to C, where it is rust-like, then to left side of A, thru A, talon, stem end, tail feathers, arrow butts, edge. Lapping has removed the faint crack previously visible from edge between O F, thru O, second cloud from right. Light crack from tips of left wing's lowest feathers across lower shield still visible. n.b. This obverse is neither Bass 1/A nor Bass 2/A. See state 3(c) next for misleading crack at L!"