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HBCC #3186 – 1799 Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3186 – 1799 Eagle – Reverse
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1799 Eagle


This coin is from an extremely rare die marriage, with a surviving population of just nine or ten examples. This Bass Collection coin is a lovely example and one of the two or three finest known. The obverse is quickly identified by a die crack through the upper points of the top left star, continuing to the cap. This crack is present on all known examples of this die marriage, as well as that displayed at HBCC-3187.

Purchased from Catherine E. Bullowa, February 26, 1972.
"Obverse: Small stars, close date, numerals spaced 17 9 9. Top serif of 1 very close to hair. Stars 8 and 2, 3, 4 double punched. Crack stars 5, 6, 7, thru 8 to edge. Another, now heavy, edge thru top and top right points of star 8, along rear edge of cap. Another, downward from star 7 to cap's scarf at left. Erratic, rust-like crack in field above cap thru midpoint of L, towards I. Another, edge to top of I, thru BERTY and stars 9, 10, 11. Also branching from E to edge. No crack from star 13 to edge; Cf. Breen re Eliasberg - Chapman/Earle #2295. Rust lump above top serif of B. Star 9 touches Y. Reverse: Star 1, recut, touches cloud with two points. All stars, save star 4!, have one blunt point. Large rust lump, or die flaw, within shield at bottom right. Star 12's top right point is touched by both upper and lower beak (distinctive). Vertical spine at top right corner of shield (distinctive)."