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HBCC #3188 – 1799 Eagle – Obverse HBCC #3188 – 1799 Eagle – Reverse
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1799 Eagle


This obverse die has an unusual date layout dubbed the Irregular Date by Walter Breen. The distance between the bust and final 9 is much less than the distance between the hair curl and 1. All other 1799 obverse dies have the reverse layout, with the digit 1 much closer. This choice Mint-State example from the Bass Collection represents one of just two relatively common varieties among 1799 eagles and is the third most common variety among all early ten-dollar gold coins from 1795 to 1804.

Purchased from RARCOA, February 3, 1975.
"Obverse: Small stars, irregular date, numerals spaced 1 799, with 1 7 tilted markedly to right (distinctive). 1 far from curl. One point of star 1 close to curl. Denticle crumble now runs from stars 1 and 2 to beneath curl; additional, above stars 7, 8. Crack stars 1 to 8, and now two to rim. Another, now heavy, edge, tip of top left serif of E to upright, to forelock. Also, IBERTY thru all stars at right. Short crumbling crack between star 12 and edge. Now reclashed, evidence again at top of cap, as well as at bust line above date. Reverse: Very small berries (distinctive). Short spine (not a crack) at tip of third feather of left wing (distinctive). Rust lumps to left of, and within, U; and under right arm of (I)T (distinctive). Clashed; evident at stars 12, 13, wings; top left shield point; within lower shield and arrow butts. Crack edge, tip of third feather from top of right wing."